Epoxy Paint Vs. Epoxy Coating: What’s the Difference?

There is a large amount of confusion from homeowners searching for the perfect epoxy flooring solution for their garages. Many are unsure about whether to go with epoxy paint or epoxy coating, and which one is the best option. You can determine which is ideal for your flooring solution by learning about the differences between the two.

Epoxy Coating Isn’t Paint

Contrary to what many people think, epoxy coating isn’t paint. Garage floor paint is made of latex acrylic, but some manufacturers offer paint with small amounts of epoxy paint mixed in, which allows for better adhesion and increased strength.

Part of the confusion around this stems from the fact that epoxy manufacturers noticed how people were using “paint” to describe their coating products, which led manufacturers to refer to their coatings as “epoxy paint” to broaden their reach with consumers.

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So, What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy is a product made of two components, including one part epoxy resin and another part polyamine hardener. You need to mix both together prior to application, and once they’re mixed you have a limited time and temperature to apply it before it hardens. Resin is tinted in many epoxy products to create color, but otherwise it goes on as a clear coating.

Epoxy coatings cure and don’t dry, making them different from paint solutions. The cross-linking of epoxy and polyamine creates a surface that is both extremely hard and durable, sealing the concrete. It is stain-, abrasion-, and chemical-resistant.

The ease of application and thickness of the epoxy is also reliant on the solid content volume. This is always displayed as a percentage. For example 100% solids epoxy means that you have to apply 100% of the product to the floor once it cures. 50% means you have to use 50% of the remaining product after the curing process completes.

100% solids epoxy is difficult to work with during application because of a combination of higher viscosity and more limited time to apply it to the flooring. However, it’s also the strongest.

Is Epoxy Paint Worse?

Unlike epoxy coating, many epoxy paint kits feature epoxy paint with lesser solids epoxy. Some kits will include paint that has as little as 48% solids. This means it’s easier to apply, but it’s also not of the highest quality. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worse, though, because the price reflects the quality in this case. If you can afford more expensive high-quality epoxy coating, this might be more ideal for industrial applications, whereas many epoxy paint kits provide enough of a long-lasting solution for home garage floors.

Depending on the needs of your specific application, there are many options regarding epoxy coating and epoxy paint. If you want the best results, turn to professional epoxy coating, but epoxy paint is also suitable for most homeowners looking for just enough protection to keep the flooring protected from vehicle wear over time.

You may be better off speaking with a professional or this contractor to come up with the right solution.

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