How Products Can Benefit from Radio Frequency Welded Seams

Radio frequency welding (or RF welding) is a process in which two identical or similar materials are fused together using radio frequency, which generates heat to form a seam that’s as tough or tougher than the original materials. RF welding is used in many different applications to form airtight and watertight seals that can hold up through years of use. While the technology of radio frequency welding hasn’t changed much since it first came about in the mid-20th century, it is still as reliable as it ever was.

Why Radio Frequency Welding is Better Than Other Sealing Processes

RF welded seams are not only strong, but they are also beneficial in a variety of other ways. Many industries rely on radio frequency seam welding because of its flexibility, resistance to wicking, lack of visibility and tear resistance.

RF welded seams can avoid wear from many elements including harsh weather, and the process is used on many different materials including polyester, PVC vinyl, cloth-backed binyl, polyurethane materials, synthetics, and others. A permanent airtight or watertight seal is formed for many different products. Whether holding fluid, air or other substances, radio frequency welded products are built to last.

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Applications for RF Welded Products

Many different industries use radio frequency welded products in a wide variety of applications. Industries that use RF welded products include:

  • Military
  • Recreational
  • US Government
  • Industrial
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging
  • Materials Handling
  • Automotive

Because of the many applications for radio frequency welding, products constructed using this sealing method range from IV bags to athletic court backdrops, to inflatable air bladders and waterproof bags.

Other specific products that benefit from radio frequency welded seams include:

  • Industrial curtains
  • Containment products
  • Inflatable medical products
  • Auto body shop curtains
  • Gym dividers
  • Sports arena bafflers


Products sealed with radio frequency welding aren’t prone to tearing or leakage, eliminating most concerns regarding these risks. There are many different companies that offer radio frequency welding (RFW)┬áservices, and they can effectively seal most products that need airtight or watertight seams implemented in their design.

With RF welded seams, your products will benefit from maximized longevity and less susceptibility to tearing over time.

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