How to Plan a Long-Distance Move

Moving is listed by the medical and psychiatric profession as one of the top five life stresses. Often, the personal effect of moving is deeply linked to the moving “process.”

Long-distance moving can be more stressful, especially if the new location is outside of the country of origin. Even a long-distance move domestically can be a stressful process. This is mainly due to lack of proper advance planning.

The best advice is to begin planning for a long-distance move as soon as the decision to relocate is made. Thus, comprehensive advance planning can help reduce stress and enhance coping skills.

Major Factors in Planning a Long-distance Move

There are three basic factors in planning a long-distance move. These include:
Financial considerations
Allocation of experienced, expert long distance movers


The reason timing takes precedence in how to plan a long-distance move is due to the need to leave one location in a timely manner and arrive at the new location without problems that cause delays and wasted time.

moving truck

Any plan for a long-distance move should begin with sound expert moving advice. Today, individuals involved in long-distance moving can rely on the assistance of expert moving consultants to walk them through their move on a step-by-step basis.

This depends on whether the move is from a home, apartment or condo. These usually involve documentation such as rental leases or seller/buyer real estate contracts. It may also involve home inspections by municipal authorities. These types of contractual documents take time to receive approval and inspections usually require appointment scheduling.

Financial Considerations

A long-distance move includes several financial considerations. For example, the cost of moving household items. These costs are determined by the distance traveled by movers, as well as the volume of household items to be moved.

This is one reason many individuals who plan to move long-distance choose furnished homes, apartments and condos to avoid the cost of moving their household belongings. A professional real estate agent can locate these types of homes and also provide advice on the sale of the existing furnishings in your home.

There is also the cost of moving personal vehicles domestically. For moving offshore, it is best to sell vehicles since the cost to move them would be prohibitive and would depend on the offshore country’s regulations for vehicles and vehicle registrations.

Allocation of Experienced, Expert Long-distance Movers

There is a wealth of resources to help allocate experienced, expert long-distance movers. To reduce potential disasters, take the time to discuss the move with several licensed moving companies.

Another way to ensure reliability and professional management of your move is to seek out references from relatives and friends. Ideally, the movers of choice should have extensive experience in long-distance moving.

How to Plan a Long-distance Move – Recap

To recap the most important factors in how to plan a long-distance move, begin by a concerted effort at advance planning. Decide whether you have the time to work through moving details or you would be better served by a moving consultant.

Study the financial details with each step of planning and choose your long-distance movers based on competence, experience, reliability and trust.

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