Why Warehouses Need Industrial Curtains and Flooring

Warehouses are often exposed to many factors that can result in inefficiency and costliness. In order to avoid spending too much on maintaining a warehouse of any kind, it’s important to make sure there are sufficient barriers in place for temperature control and other applications.

Curtains are also used for safety purposes, protecting vulnerable workers and equipment outside of designated workspaces. Here are some of the specific applications for industrial curtains in warehouses.

welding curtains

Maintain Temperature Anywhere Inside

Temperature control is extremely important in a wide variety of warehouses. Some warehouses require loading docks to be sufficiently covered when not in use, keeping outside temperature separate from the temperature inside. Some warehouses contain cold storage areas as well, which require specific temperature settings to prevent product spoilage.

There are other reasons for warehouses to maintain set temperatures in different areas.

Industrial curtains give facilities the ability to separate different areas of a warehouse for temporary area blocking. Employees can easily roll curtains into place when needed and roll them out of the way when no longer required.

They are also less expensive and take less time to set up than permanent walls.

Slip Resistant Epoxy Flooring

It is important to keep workspaces safe with proper flooring. You can have a professional company come inspect your facility and they can install slip resistant epoxy flooring. Slip-and-fall accidents are common in the workplace, which can lead to possible workers’ compensation cases.

To avoid these types of accidents and injuries, get proper flooring in your facility.

epoxy floor

Keep Work Areas Blocked Off

Many types of workspaces are hazardous or leave equipment vulnerable to damage. Unlike permanent fixtures that block these areas off completely, industrial curtains are useful for keeping equipment and workers safe while work is occurring, and employees can easily move them out of the way when they no longer need them.

Their versatility makes them much less of a hassle than other types of wall structures.

Welding work areas can be dangerous because of stray sparks that can burn workers and cause fires, chemical labs could result in hazardous chemical spills that put employees in danger, and auto body spray booths could expose employees to harmful spray paints and other chemicals as well. Industrial curtains can keep workers safe in each of these applications and others.

Equipment that’s exposed to hazardous materials is also sufficiently protected through the use of industrial curtains.

Avoid Costly Installation Expenses

Permanent wall construction is not only more of an annoyance than the simple installation of industrial curtains, but it is also more expensive, and maintenance isn’t as easy.

If you want to avoid the hassles associated with permanent walls, consider installing industrial curtains in your facility today.

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